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With the launch of the Limos4 new Limos4 website, we are also launching the Limos4 blog. Our aim is to inform, entertain and share. This way you will get to know us better for we will strive to present valuable and interesting content about our company, our staff and our remarkable community of partners, clients and friends.

You would be informed about local events and receive updates about our newest vehicles and services. We will keep you informed about the chauffeured transportation industry, amazing European cities and countries, and beyond, the latest transportation technologies or everything we hope would appeal to our clients and followers.

The very first idea when we started Limos4 was to provide a comforting and relaxing way of transportation tailored for modern and dynamic travelers, turning our vehicles into a soothing and easeful environment far away from loud, stressful crowds and jams. Above all, we wanted to create an easy and quick way to book such service, while entirely supported by kind and agile operators. To get such service and meet our and customers´ expectations, we have formed and tended a team of managers, supervisors and operators who are inspired by journeys and plans. The whole team is working passionately to create opportunities for the customers to experience new cities and venues. We love being entrusted with planning, booking, customizing and providing the service for you. It´s not a small task but we would not want it any other way for we believe that a successful business only becomes successful because of its customers.

Our technological leadership, business understanding and extensive experience have been also recognized by some of our partners who asked us to assist them to start their limousine business and overcome main obstacles by providing them with all the tools needed to attain and retain the customers, reach the desired markets and quality of service. A fact that sets us apart from the rest of the limousine companies is that we are a rare company with the ability to build, operate and manage any limousine business model, evolving it to meet current and future demands, anywhere in the world. To find out more, follow the link: www.eslimos.com.

Using an advanced booking system, our experience, an excellent fleet of sedans, minivans, minibuses and coaches, and with highly trained chauffeurs and customer-friendly office staff, Limos4 team would gladly and timely help you to get the service package that suits your budget and needs. Be it transfers during the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Fashion Weeks, or medical congresses, you can count on us. With our worldwide affiliate network, Limos4 is an ideal solution for all your travel arrangements.

In addition to following to the Limos4 blog, we invite you to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. There is always something thrilling going on in Limos4 so don’t miss out on the fun!

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