Revolutionizing Corporate Transportation: A Peek into Limos4’s Vision with CEO Dr. Vojkan Tasic

At the recent GBTA Europe Conference, we had the privilege of hearing directly from Dr. Vojkan Tasic, the founder and CEO of Limos4, about the innovative approach to corporate transportation. Join us as we take you through the insights discussed in this interview.

Key highlights from the interview:

Unique approach: Limos4, operating in over 200+ cities, specializes in business chauffeured services and caters mostly to high-level management clientele. What makes us different? Our personalized approach and a 24/7 call/email center ensure easy communication via phone, chat, or email. What’s more, our dedicated quality team travels globally to inspect partners and secure compliance with all necessary regulations.

Sustainability at the core: Sustainability isn’t just a word for Limos4. Dr. Tasic emphasizes the importance of CO2 reduction, noting the alarming increase in CO2 levels. Limos4’s sustainability efforts are threefold: a comprehensive dashboard for the clients to track CO2 emissions, a commitment to achieving 100% carbon-neutral back office operations by the end of the next year, and a meticulous process for selecting partners with sustainable fleets.

Embracing AI technology: Beyond traditional uses in accounting and coding, Limos4 is now harnessing AI in innovative ways. For instance, we use AI to convert client requests into actionable, machine-readable formats, enabling efficient service provision. This integration of AI streamlines operations and enhances client experiences.
Under Dr. Tasic’s lead, Limos4 stands at the forefront of mixing top-notch business travel with accountability and technological innovation. Our focus on sustainability, prioritizing clients, and embracing AI technology sets us apart in corporate travel. Join us in this journey where the premium meets responsibility and technology sparks innovation.
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