Red Flags to Watch for When Looking for a Transportation Provider

Although it can be time-consuming, conducting an online research and finding out all the relevant details when hiring a limousine company are of immense significance. We highlight some of the key warning signals for you to be aware of, whether you need a transfer to Gstaad or a Los Angeles airport transfer service.

Poor customer service – If there are no representatives to answer your questions or if they give you vague answers, e.g., for the rates and available services, then you should be concerned. Also, if the lines are constantly busy and clicking buttons online are the only options for booking a service, please be careful. A high-quality transportation company should have outstanding customer service and they ought to be at your disposal for any service change or problem you might have.

No fleet information – Besides a professional chauffeur, the actual vehicle represents a great part of the overall limousine service and experience. If there’s little to no information about the fleet, you should certainly avoid the company. You need to be informed whether a desired vehicle can accommodate your requests and be advised the appropriate vehicle according to the number of passengers, volume of luggage and nature of service.

Extremely low prices – Even though transportation providers can offer exclusive discounts from time to time, more often than not, prices that are too low indicate a kind of scam. Such pricing means a huge red flag, therefore, you have to be extra cautious if you are offered chauffeured limousine service at bargain prices.

Lack of insurance/license – Under no circumstances should you hire a limo service that is not actively insured and licensed. The proper insurance and license are what set apart this service from other types of transportation, like taxis. Of course, you and your guests should always feel safe and secure while being driven to your destination.

Limited options – You should be offered a wide range of choices when it comes to chauffeured transportation. If a particular limo company tells you that they have only one or two vehicles available for rent, without mentioning being almost fully booked, or that they cannot pick you up or drop you off at a certain place and time, you had better select another limousine company.

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