Limos4 Launches 6 New Cities Across 3 Continents

Pursuing our quest to provide our clients with the Limos4 level of service throughout the world, we are delighted to announce that we now offer it in six remarkable areas. These include Sarajevo, Toronto, Vancouver, Podgorica, Malta and Buenos Aires.

That brings us to 85 cities and more than 50 countries where you can book rides and travel with Limos4.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Recognized for its East-meets-West atmosphere, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be greatly experienced through its human warmth, beautiful mountains, spectacular waterfalls, abundant medieval castle remains and low-priced skiing. All of these aspects make Sarajevo one of the best-value destinations in Europe.

Toronto, Canada

Multicultural Toronto is the country’s financial center and home to one of the world’s tallest freestanding towers, the CN Tower. Toronto is undoubtedly the best-known city in Canada, mainly for the Toronto International Film Festival. Dotted with skyscrapers, Canada’s largest city boasts one of the most eye-catching skylines.

Vancouver, Canada

You will never run short of any activities to engage in while in forward-thinking, diverse and gorgeous Vancouver. Its beauty is so famous that ‘‘Manhattan with mountains’’ has made countless lists of ‘Most Beautiful Cities in the World’’. Make the most of your visit to the city regarded as Canada’s cultural and culinary capital.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Whether you are a business or leisure traveler, the tiny capital of Montenegro is a convenient place to begin or end your travel through stunning-nature Montenegro. Make sure you check out Podgorica’s considerable amount of green spaces, numerous historic sights and exciting nightlife.


Although it is officially a republic, Malta is sometimes considered to be a city-state due to its small cities. Regardless of the type of traveler you belong to, you are bound to find something that you will love about Europe’s smallest island nation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s biggest city can quickly get under your skin. From wonderful architecture through food scene to fantastic nightlife, Buenos Aires is a hot spot for all of you that love friendly people, food, music and dancing. The ‘‘Paris of South America’’ is not a city to breeze through, as it deserves at least a couple of days of exploring and enjoying.

There are now six more reasons to book with Limos4 limousine service! You can check out the full list of the Limos4 cities available all over the globe.

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