Discover the convenience of long-distance rides throughout Europe and around the world

Door-to-door service

Door-to-door service
(no change of transportation)

Flight train bus alternative

Flight/train/bus alternative
(avoid crowded spaces)

One-stop shop solution

One-stop shop solution
(one-way, return, transfer/hourly service)

Added flexibility

Added flexibility
(stops, rescheduling)

To book a one-way or return long-distance transfer, contact us via email, live chat or phone.

If you would like us to cover a route not listed below, simply let us know.

Please note that the given rates are all-inclusive, however, may slightly vary depending on the exact destination address, time of the day and night and requests made along the way.

As the coronavirus pandemic has changed travel as we know it, Limos4 has prepared comprehensive packages for transfers between cities at special, flat rates.
For taking you from one city to another, we have implemented all precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of both our client and employee. Limos4’s vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each ride to secure the highest level of protection.
By avoiding airports, bus and train stations, not only will you save time and use it the way you like it but will stay safe also. Our friendly yet discreet chauffeurs will get you where you need to be smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the number of kilometers. With enough space and privacy, you’ll enjoy the comfort of a premium Limos4 sedan or minivan.
From a one-way long-distance transfer to a service by the hour, and everything in between, rely on Limos4 as an ideal, stress-free alternative to flights, bus journeys and train rides.

As we know that our client’s plans can change even during the best of times, you are enabled to cancel or modify your pickup up to 24 hours before the start of the ride. If you anticipate a few stops en route, we’ve got your back.

Reach out to us to assist you with your essential and non-essential trips!

travel time
Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Passengers: max. 2

Luggage: max. 2

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Passengers: max. 2

Luggage: max. 2

Mercedes-Benz Viano

Passengers: max. 6

Luggage: max. 6


Vienna to Budapest transfer2 h 40 min.240 kmEUR 528.-EUR 703.-EUR 595.-
Vienna to Prague transfer4 h300 kmEUR 649.-EUR 879.-EUR 744.-
Vienna to Munich transfer4 h 30 min.400 kmEUR 649.-EUR 879.-EUR 744.-
Vienna to Frankfurt transfer7 h720 kmEUR 852.-EUR 1136.-EUR 933.-
Vienna to Milan transfer9 h900 kmEUR 933.-EUR 1136.-EUR 1068.-
Vienna to Zurich transfer8 h750 kmEUR 960.-EUR 1419.-EUR 1068.-


Brussels to Frankfurt transfer4 h400 kmEUR 887.-EUR 1140.-EUR 1057.-
Brussels to Paris transfer3 h 30 min.320 kmEUR 684.-EUR 836.-EUR 779.-
Brussels to Hamburg transfer6 h.600 kmEUR 1247.-EUR 1611.-EUR 1489.-
Brussels to Dusseldorf transfer2 h.200 kmEUR 489.-EUR 583.-EUR 538.-
Brussels to Zurich transfer7 h.650 kmEUR 1285.-EUR 1703.-EUR 1538.-


Copenhagen to Hamburg transfer5 h480 kmEUR 1487.-EUR 1757.-EUR 1487.-
Copenhagen to Oslo transfer7 h620 kmEUR 1834.-EUR 2092.-EUR 1834.-
Copenhagen to Gothenburg transfer3 h315 kmEUR 896.-EUR 1015.-EUR 896.-


Helsinki to Talinn transfer4 h100 km - ferryEUR 541.-EUR 811.-EUR 609.-
Helsinki to Riga transfer7 h 30 min.400 km - ferryEUR 1369.-EUR 1479.-EUR 1265.-
Helsinki to St. Petersburg transfer4 h 40 min.400 kmEUR 640.-EUR 799.-EUR 711.-


Paris to Barcelona transfer12 h1100 kmEUR 2756.-EUR 3988.-EUR 2992.-
Paris to Geneva transfer6 h550 kmEUR 1550.-EUR 2204.-EUR 1675.-
Paris to Lausanne transfer6 h520 kmEUR 1407.-EUR 2026.-EUR 1526.-
Paris to Antwerp transfer4 h350 kmEUR 908.-EUR 1319.-EUR 987.-
Paris to Rotterdam transfer5 h460 kmEUR 1159.-EUR 1688.-EUR 1260.-
Paris to Luxembourg transfer5 h410 kmEUR 1007.-EUR 1454.-EUR 1092.-
Paris to Strasbourg transfer5 h500 kmEUR 1330.-EUR 1913.-EUR 1441.-
Paris to Lyon transfer5 h460 kmEUR 1257.-EUR 1811.-EUR 1363.-
Paris to Sevilla transfer17 h 30 min.1734 kmEUR 4530.-EUR 6595.-EUR 4927.-
Paris to Lisbon transfer17 h 30 min.1736 kmEUR 4565.-EUR 6635.-EUR 4961.-
Paris to Florence transfer12 hours1151 kmEUR 3149.-EUR 4522.-EUR 3412.-
Paris to Venice transfer11 h 30 min.1112 kmEUR 3060.-EUR 4393.-EUR 3316.-
Paris to Munich transfer8 h 30 min.837 kmEUR 2194.-EUR 3188.-EUR 2385.-
Paris to Stuttgart transfer6 h 30 min.619 kmEUR 1669.-EUR 2412.-EUR 1811.-
Paris to Cologne transfer5 h 30 min.502 kmEUR 1290.-EUR 1885.-EUR 1404.-
Paris to Dortmund transfer6 h574 kmEUR 1492.-EUR 2182.-EUR 1623.-
Paris to Copenhagen transfer14 h1223 kmEUR 3523.-EUR 5154.-EUR 3836.-
Paris to Nice transfer9 h940 kmEUR 2532.-EUR 3638.-EUR 2745.-
Paris to Zurich transfer7 h620 kmEUR 1837.-EUR 2633.-EUR 1989.-
Paris to Milan transfer10 h900 kmEUR 2384.EUR 3395.-EUR 2579.-


Berlin to Warsaw transfer6 h600 kmEUR 1411.-EUR 1490.-EUR 1411.-
Berlin to Frankfurt transfer5 h550 kmEUR 1255.-EUR 1367.-EUR 1255.-
Berlin to Prague transfer4 h 30 min.400 kmEUR 934.-EUR 1019.-EUR 934.-
Berlin to Budapest transfer9 h900 kmEUR 2070.-EUR 2179.-EUR 2070.-
Berlin to Munich transfer5 h 30 min600 kmEUR 1325.-EUR 1595.-EUR 1460.-
Berlin to Hamburg transfer3 h300 kmEUR 933.-EUR 1068.-EUR 933.-
Berlin to Amsterdam transfer7 h670 kmEUR 1599.-EUR 1709.-EUR 1599.-
Berlin to Vienna transfer7 h 30 min.700 kmEUR 1857.-EUR 2044-.EUR 1857.-
Dusseldorf to Frankfurt transfer2 h 30 min.230 kmEUR 683.-EUR 1095.-EUR 723.-
Dusseldorf to Amsterdam transfer2 h 30 min.220 kmEUR 564.-EUR 909.-EUR 595.-
Dusseldorf to Berlin transfer5 h 30 min.570 kmEUR 1649.-EUR 2663.-EUR 1744.-
Dusseldorf to Munich transfer6 h620 kmEUR 1798.-EUR 2892.-EUR 1892.-
Dusseldorf to Stuttgart transfer4 h420 kmEUR 1217.-EUR 1960.-EUR 1284.-
Frankfurt to Amsterdam transfer5 h460 kmEUR 983.-EUR 1157.-EUR 1041.-
Frankfurt to Brussels transfer4 h400 kmEUR 887.-EUR 1140.-EUR 1057.-
Frankfurt to Geneva transfer6 h600 kmEUR 1382.-EUR 1611.-EUR 1457.-
Frankfurt to Paris transfer6 h 30 min.600 kmEUR 1365.-EUR 1592.-EUR 1441.-
Frankfurt to Zurich transfer4 h 30 min.420 kmEUR 998.-EUR 1160.-EUR 1052.-
Frankfurt to Milan transfer7 h670 kmEUR 1596.-EUR 1863.-EUR 1686.-
Frankfurt to Munich transfer4 h400 kmEUR 919.-EUR 1190.-EUR 1055.-
Hamburg to Frankfurt transfer5 h550 kmEUR 1487.-EUR 1757.-EUR 1487.-
Hamburg to Berlin transfer3 h300 kmEUR 933.-EUR 1068.-EUR 933.-
Hamburg to Copenhagen transfer5 h480 kmEUR 1487.-EUR 1757.-EUR 1487.-
Hamburg to Cologne transfer4 h 30 min.430 kmEUR 1379.-EUR 1595.-EUR 1379.-
Hamburg to Munich transfer8 h800 kmEUR 2433.-EUR 2838.-EUR 2433.-
Munich to Berlin transfer5 h 30 min.600 kmEUR 1325.-EUR 1595.-EUR 1460.-
Munich to Frankfurt transfer4 h400 kmEUR 919.-EUR 1190.-EUR 1055.-
Munich to Zurich transfer4 h350 kmEUR 649.-EUR 919.-EUR 784.-
Munich to Milan transfer5 h 30 min500 kmEUR 1109.-EUR 1379.-EUR 1244.-


Budapest to Prague transfer5 h 30 min.530 kmEUR 1633.-EUR 2140.-EUR 1760.-
Budapest to Munich transfer6 h 30 min.690 kmEUR 2013.-EUR 2646.-EUR 2266.-
Budapest to Bucharest transfer9 h840 kmEUR 2773.-EUR 3659.-EUR 3026.-


Dublin to Belfast transfer2 h170 kmEUR 470.-EUR 525.-EUR 525.-


Milan to Zurich transfer4 h290 kmEUR 1150.-EUR 1510.-EUR 1260.-
Milan to Geneva transfer5 h400 kmEUR 960.-EUR 1405.-EUR 1165.-
Milan to Nice transfer5 h340 kmEUR 1023.-EUR 1498.-EUR 1213.-
Milan to Marseille transfer7 h550 kmEUR 1528.-EUR 2352.-EUR 1846.-
Rome to Milan transfer7 h580 kmEUR 1640.-EUR 2975.-EUR 1859.-
Rome to Venice transfer6 h550 kmEUR 1415.-EUR 2605.-EUR 1560.-
Rome to Zurich transfer9 h 30 min.860 kmEUR 2165.-EUR 3785.-EUR 2365.-


Amsterdam to Brussels transfer3 h230 kmEUR 650.-EUR 770.-EUR 710.-
Amsterdam to Hamburg transfer5 h490 kmEUR 1375.-EUR 1530.-EUR 1425.-
Amsterdam to Paris transfer6 h530 kmEUR 1505.-EUR 1670.-EUR 1555.-
Amsterdam to Zurich transfer9 h830 kmEUR 2380.-EUR 2645.-EUR 2460.-
Amsterdam to Munich transfer9 h830 kmEUR 2370.-EUR 2630.-EUR 2450.-


Oslo to Gothenburg transfer3 h 30 min.300 kmEUR 570.-EUR 760.-EUR 760.-
Oslo to Stockholm transfer6 h 30 min.540 kmEUR 1013.-EUR 1521.-EUR 1193.-
Oslo to Copenhagen transfer7 h620 kmEUR 1834.-EUR 2092.-EUR 1834.-
Oslo to Malmo transfer6 h570 kmEUR 1140.-EUR 1270.-EUR 1270.-


Lisbon to Madrid transfer6 h 30 min.640 kmEUR 1110.-EUR 1660.-EUR 1170.-
Lisbon to Seville transfer5 h450 kmEUR 700.-EUR 1050.-EUR 830.-
Lisbon to Malaga transfer7 h670 kmEUR 1085.-EUR 1582.-EUR 1340.-
Lisbon to Valencia transfer10 h970 kmEUR 1460.-EUR 2200.-EUR 1770.-
Lisbon to Vigo/Salamanca/
Pontevedra transfer
4 h 30 min.460 kmEUR 713.-EUR 1095.-EUR 852.-
Lisbon to Granada/Marbella transfer7 h 30 min.720 kmEUR 1260.-EUR 1690.-EUR 1490.-


Barcelona to Valencia transfer4 h360 kmEUR 1010.-EUR 1190.-EUR 1080.-
Barcelona to Nice transfer7 h680 kmEUR 1965.-EUR 2330.-EUR 2115.-
Barcelona to Seville transfer12 h1000 kmEUR 2990.-EUR 3520.-EUR 3190.-
Barcelona to Bilbao transfer6 h 30 min.615 kmEUR 1750.-EUR 2105.-EUR 1875.-
Madrid to Bilbao transfer4 h400 kmEUR 715.-EUR 1075.-EUR 755.-
Madrid to Seville transfer5 h 30 min.540 kmEUR 965.-EUR 1445.-EUR 1020.-
Madrid to Lisbon transfer6 h 30 min.640 kmEUR 1110.-EUR 1660.-EUR 1170.-
Madrid to Paris transfer13 h1280 kmEUR 2270.-EUR 3400.-EUR 2395.-
Madrid to Barcelona transfer6 h 30 min.650 kmEUR 1110.-EUR 1660.-EUR 1170.-
Madrid to Valencia transfer4 h360 kmEUR 645.-EUR 965.-EUR 680.-


Stockholm to Malmo transfer7 h630 kmEUR 1228.-EUR 1709.-EUR 1482.-
Stockholm to Copenhagen transfer7 h 30 min.670 kmEUR 1349.-EUR 1899.-EUR 1633.-
Stockholm to Gothenburg transfer5 h510 kmEUR 912.-EUR 1406.-EUR 1104.-
Stockholm to Oslo transfer6 h 30 min.550 kmEUR 1013.-EUR 1521.-EUR 1193.-
Stockholm to Halmstad transfer6 h500 kmEUR 975.-EUR 1521.-EUR 1193.-
Stockholm to Orebro transfer2 h200 kmEUR 317.-EUR 507.-EUR 444.-
Stockholm to Karlstad transfer3 h 30 min.300 kmEUR 507.-EUR 671.-EUR 671.-


Basel to Frankfurt transfer4 h340 kmCHF 1325.-CHF 1555.-CHF 1325.-
Basel to Munich transfer5 h420 kmCHF 1730.-CHF 1950.-CHF 1730.-
Basel to Paris transfer6 h530 kmCHF 2410.-CHF 2640.-CHF 2410.-
Basel to Milan transfer4 h 30 min.350 kmCHF 1420.-CHF 1610.-CHF 1420.-
Basel to Geneva transfer3 h250 kmCHF 1085.-CHF 1220.-CHF 1085.-
Bern to Frankfurt transfer5 h430 kmCHF 1990.-CHF 2275.-CHF 2275.-
Bern to Munich transfer5 h450 kmCHF 2035.-CHF 2325.-CHF 2325.-
Bern to Paris transfer6 h 30 min.600 kmCHF 2725.-CHF 3110.-CHF 3110.-
Bern to Milan transfer4 h 30 min360 kmCHF 1680.-CHF 1920.-CHF 1920.-
Bern to Geneva transfer2 h170 kmCHF 845.-CHF 933.-CHF 933.-
Geneva to Zurich transfer3 h 15 min.280 kmCHF 1203.-CHF 1865.-CHF 1473.-
Geneva to Nice transfer6 h630 kmCHF 2230.-CHF 3230.-CHF 2555.-
Geneva to Lyon transfer2 h160 kmCHF 811.-CHF 1190.-CHF 919.-
Zurich to Geneva transfer3 h 15 min.280 kmCHF 1203.-CHF 1865.-CHF 1473.-
Zurich to Milan transfer4 h290 kmCHF 1217.-CHF 1622.-CHF 1352.-
Zurich to Stuttgart transfer3 h220 kmCHF 975.-CHF 1085.-CHF 1085.-

United Kingdom

Edinburgh to Glasgow transfer1 h80 kmEUR 250.-EUR 310.-EUR 285.-
Edinburgh to Manchester transfer4 h 30 min.380 kmEUR 610.-EUR 755.-EUR 695.-
London to Edinburgh transfer8 h650 kmEUR 925.-EUR 1250.-EUR 1325.-
London to Paris transfer6 h470 kmEUR 1122.-EUR 1630.-EUR 1221.-
London to Calais transfer3 h 30 min.200 kmEUR 305.-EUR 380.-EUR 415.-
London to Amsterdam transfer7 h540 kmEUR 895.-EUR 1140.-EUR 1225.-
London to Brussels transfer5 h 30 min.380 kmEUR 795.-EUR 1005.-EUR 1085.-

Our precautionary measures against COVID-19

Due to increased concerns for safety brought on by the COVID-19 virus, Limos4 has implemented additional sanitary measures and rigorous protocols to ensure the utmost safety for you. Also, we are currently paying particular attention to ensuring that the measures are effective, while working hard to provide you with the highest quality of service. Limos4 is closely monitoring the information shared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to comply with the best-practice guidelines.