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At Limos4, we pride ourselves on being able to customize our services to satisfy your every demand. The price of your transportation service package may vary depending on your particular requests.

In order to provide you with all-inclusive rates, without hidden costs and unpleasant surprises, many factors have to be taken into consideration, such as the type of vehicle, time of year, bridge and road fees, weekend and night fees, driver accommodation and meal costs, luggage trailer, public holidays, etc. Thus, it is inconvenient to present the complete pricing here.

You can rest assured that you will get the best possible price for your chauffeured service needs.



1. For seasonal events, such as conferences, proms and weddings, make sure you reserve early

2. For the most accurate price, enter complete service details when submitting a price request

3. Make sure you have informed us about your special needs (child seats, extra luggage, additional stops, etc.)

4. To get a rate as quickly as possible, make sure you use a live chat option on our websites

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To make your limousine service experience as smooth as possible, we have listed the most common questions about our pricing.

However, if there is a specific question not presented here, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+4589881424, +498938037826 or +442030516803) or email: [email protected]

What forms of payment are accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted. Bank transfer and cash as payment methods are also possible. To find out more, please contact us by phone at +4589881424, +498938037826 or +442030516803 or email us: [email protected]

When are payments due for services?
The service is booked the moment the payment has been made.

Can I set up a direct billing account?
Yes. Please contact our accounting department at +4589881424, +498938037826 or +442030516803 for details, and to request an application.

Is there a fee for the meet-and-greet service?
Limos4 charges no additional fee for the meet-and-greet service.

Is there a charge if I need to make a stop?
The additional stops are charged per stop (the maximum duration of 10 minutes per stop).

Is there a fee for waiting periods?
Yes, unscheduled waiting time is charged.

What is your cancellation policy?
A cancellation notice is required 48 hours prior to the scheduled reservation to avoid penalties.

Why is the amount charged different from the amount I was quoted?
Your rate quote is based on the information provided at the time your reservation was made. Additional charges can result from changes to your service during your trip, such as extra stops, waiting time, or extending the duration of your service. If you do not feel that you had any additional services, please call our accounting department at +4589881424, +498938037826 or +442030516803 to review your charges.